Who We Are

Kari and Harlan Betlesky were married at The Magnolia Room in 1993. They enjoyed their experience and loved the place so much that in 1997 they bought this fabulous venue!

One year after purchasing The Magnolia Room they bought and opened the Side Street Grill, which is now nominated for the best date night, and cocktail in Memphis. Six years after their successful opening of Side Street Grill, they opened The Red Bar at Side Street Grill.

Kari and Harlan believe in a friendly atmosphere and getting to know their customers' needs and wants in order to provide them the best experience possible.

Kari is the in-house wedding coordinator as well as a master carver. Harlan is a fabulous chef and awesome husband and father.

Kari and Harlan both love to work and make food not only appealing to the eye, but mouth watering delicious, using all the freshest ingredients mother nature has to offer.